This week’s spotlight is on our overseas player from 2014…the record breaker, Anthony Sams

Thanks for taking time out of your busy gym schedule to do this Samsy, what are you up to nowadays?

I always make time for the Cannock family! I’m currently a personal trainer moving in the direction of strength and conditioning as well as Olympic weightlifting. I work with a combination of general population and athletes. No job better than helping people achieve things they never thought possible.

I’m also testing my own body to become the best possible athlete and might even enter a few competitions at some stage later this year.

Still living in one of the greatest places in the world, Coogee (which several people from Cannock who have visited now realise why I love it here!).

And how is your cricket going?

My 2016/17 season was my best season ever in first grade. I was club Captain of Randwick Petersham Club, with the great Mike Whitney as our club President. I took over 35 dismissals and scored over 1000 runs opening the batting with 7 x 50+ scores in a row to start the season, and 3 x centuries including one in a semi final (which we lost). I was also in the Sydney Sixers academy and the NSW second side.

This season I took over the role as the First team Captain as well as being club Captain. Unfortunately this season, 2017/2018, didn’t quite get going for me, a lot of starts and then I didn’t kick on. No excuses, looking forward to make up for it next year. Unfortunately we missed out on finals by a point in all three competitions!

You spent the 2014 season with us, what was your first impression of Cannock CC?

The people, without doubt. Everyone was so nice and welcoming, it made settling in really easy for me. Or maybe it was just because I had an Aussie accent!

Looking back now, what’s your favourite on-field memory?

Oh there are so many and sorry I’m going to hedge my bets and say two. Of course winning the 20/20 final was a big highlight, great to win a trophy no one even considered we were a chance with at the start of the season (especially chasing down 122 against Pelsall in the dark).

Then last round against the already crowned champions who had their ground prepped for celebrations and thought beating us was a foregone conclusion. I can’t exactly remember the scores (here’s a link readers: but the fact we absolutely smashed them chasing down a 200+ total in quick time was extremely satisfying (let’s just say both teams did not see eye to eye, so personally getting a 100 that day was icing on the cake!). Nothing better than us celebrating on what was supposed to be their day!

There was also some other things that happened on the field but I’ll leave them out for the purposes of keeping this family friendly!

Special mention to the CPL 10/10 day, that was a lot of fun.

You’re probably best remembered here for the unbelievable 261 not out you scored against Old Wulfs, what do you remember about that day?

I’d like to think I’m remembered most for my great banter, but ok I can deal with this being it! To be honest not a real lot. The main thing I remember is coming off at drinks and being like “Will, why don’t we declare?”, and being informed maybe just stay out there a few more overs. I think I was just past 200 at that stage. Thanks Will!

And what was your favourite moment away from the pitch?

There are lots of moments I can’t talk about, so I’ll just go with, hanging out with all the people in Cannock and just making lifelong friends. We had some great fun at many places, I’m sure Silks isn’t the same without our shenanigans. Also, only my second night going out in Birmingham to see a comedy show and the after drinks, was a great start to my trip. Can’t forget s**t shirt night either!

Of course I have to mention my trip to Rome with Matt and Tom Bull, now that was a great trip!

I can definitely say my least favourite memory is when Liverpool lost to Chelsea in the Premier League, I was playing at the time and literally got out when I found out Chelsea hit the lead because I was so annoyed.

What did you make of your overall experience with us?

I loved it. The club did everything they could for me, were extremely accommodating, I made lifelong friends and we were oh so close to promotion. What more could you want from a season abroad???

And finally…any plans to come back to the UK soon?

Well your government have decided to make it much harder for overseas players now so I don’t know if I will be venturing over for cricket. I’m hoping to get back to the UK over the next few years on a work trip to visit a few specialists in my field, so here’s hoping!

Thanks again for your time Samsy, let’s hope we see you back in Cannock over the next few years.

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