One of our newest recruits is under the spotlight this week…it’s Nottingham’s finest, Ryan Elliott…

Hello Ryan, tell us how you came to join Cannock CC?

Hi Cannock. It’s all thanks to Aaron Saunders. He is a good friend of my fiancè Hannah. I met him at a music gig. He once asked me to fill in for a few games for the 4th team if they were short and after weeks of persuasion and a free green cap, I couldn’t turn down the offer. So we went from there.

This is now your second season with us, how have you found our club so far?

Yes this is my 2nd season with the club now and I can see a lot more to come, as I am hoping to move more local to the area in years to come. I love it at Cannock CC. A great bunch of lads and partners, who have welcomed me from day one. Whenever I’m down at the ground, I never want to leave. Cannock have great facilities and is a very organised club.

Of course you started off in the 4ths at the beginning of last season, how did you find that experience under Captain Saunders?

Well, aha.. it was a strange experience. After being told I was opening the bowling, I was slightly worried. I gave my cap to the umpire, started to mark my run up and Aaron asked if I was serious, running in from 21 paces. I bowled my first over and I felt pretty good, after not playing for over three years. That was until I bowled a short of a length ball and hit a 50/60 year old pensioner in the chest. I turned to Aaron and asked him to take me off. It was a bit too dangerous.

What’s your favourite memory from last season?

I cant really say this is my favourite moment, but it must be everyone’s favourite memory involving me from last season. It was only my 2nd or 3rd game for the club and I was asked to play a Sunday B game away at Aldridge. After batting for a short while and feeling in good nick, I defended the ball pretty late with the ball heading towards my stumps. YES, I decided it was a good idea to brush the ball away with my hand. Apparently an umpire can tell a captain that if he appeals he will give it out, and there we have it. R. Elliott – HANDLED BALL – 6. Everyone must of thought, “who is this numpty we have here?!”

Off the field, I think my favourite memory has to be s**t shirt night. That’s a night that is definitely on my calendar for this season!

It looks like you’re going to be playing plenty of 1st team cricket this season, what are your aims for 2018?

Yes, definitely. I’m looking forward to being available a lot more this year and with good bowling performances I hope to cement my opening bowling spot in the 1st team. I aim to take over 40 wickets for the season and pick up my first Cannock CC 5fer along the way. I also have an unrealistic aim to pick up one of those awesome Cannock centurion ties! They are pretty cool!

And finally…how many no balls are you planning on bowling this season???

I knew this was coming at some point… Saving the best until last. Yes, as everyone is aware, I had a lot of trouble last year bowling no balls. I’m hoping this will get better the more I play. I have had some pre-season coaching from Wayne Noon at Notts. This was to try and cut out the stutter in my run up and the stretching in my delivery stride. That’s where we both thought I was struggling. Fingers crossed that I can take this outdoors now and implement it into game situations.

Thanks for your time Ryan, the cheque is in the post for all those kind words about the club!


One thought on “Spotlight on…Ryan Elliott

  1. Wish I was 20 years younger and could have played along side ryan in my prime lol . If I was his coach he would take 50 wickets minimum 😁😁😁😁


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